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Please Read & Confirm


General Appointment Advice


ONLY clients receiving a service will be allowed.

No Exceptions, No Children


If you are 5-10 minutes late, a $15.00 late fee will be imposed. Clients arriving 15minutes or more late, forfeit the original appointment & will be canceled.

* Please limit phone usage during your session.

Don't wear clothing that you don't want makeup getting on.


Makeup Look

Please send a photo of the look you want.

* Choose a makeup look based off what will suit you and your features.

* keep in mind a cut crease is not suitable for all eye shapes.

* At the end of the application please let me know if you want anything changed or added, I will not take offence.

(Must be within reasonable ground).

2024-01-30 11_24_38.902-0500.jpg


* the night before your appointment do a light exfoliation, CLEANSE & MOISTURISE your skin.

Arrive with a clean face to help ensure a flawless base application.

* DO NOT come with makeup on. The removal will take up time from the appointment.


* Drink lots of water the week of your appointment to reduce the appearance of fine lines. ESPECIALLY if you have dry skin.

2023-10-19 20_08_37.221-0400.jpg


* Don't pick your acne! a freshly picked spot will not cover with foundation due to the oils and blood.




* makeup enhances, it doesn't erase. If you have deep smile lines or other fine lines in general please know they can still show up after foundation has been applied.


* The foundation will enhance the appearance of facial hair. If you know you have hair on your upper lip and don't want it to be noticeable please try dermaplanning or threading. Waxing can be noticeable after foundation is applied.

2023-10-07 00_11_27.094-0400.jpg

Eyelash Extensions

* It is completely fine if you have extensions on, I can work around them.


However It is at your risk that the extensions may be damaged or fall out during/after your appointment.


* Please make sure your extensions are clean.

2023-08-16 19_06_37.974-0400.jpg


You MUST reschedule or cancel your appointment if you're sick OR if you have developed a skin/eye/lip condition.


If you show up with any of these, I will refuse service.

Please Confirm 

Location Address:

2913 W. Henry Ave. Tampa Fl 33614.

Preferred Payment *Cash or Zelle*

ALL credit card,CashApp & Venmo payments will be subject to a $2.00 processing fee

Please confirm your appointment by texting back  & Replying "YES" to avoid cancelation.


Please read Full Policy Prior to your appointment.

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